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Thanks for visiting the site. All of these pages have been created on a venerable Apple Performa 630. Even older than the Mac is my 17" NEC MultiSync 5FG monitor (If you are tired of your small screen, look for a used monitor. I was able to find mine for $350!). Hopefully, the Performa will be replaced with a nice shiny PowerMac soon. There are four primary programs that I use to create websites. They are:
Bare Bones Software's BBEdit for the actual HTML authoring. Adobe Photoshop for backgrounds, image creating, and image adjustments.
Netscape Navigator (Standalone) so that I can see if I coded the pages correctly. If you detest bloated software (Is Netscape trying to outbloat Micrsoft?) as much as I do then take a look at Navigator Standalone. Stairway Software's Anarchie is a wonderful FTP program.
In addition to these four, here are the rest of my internet applications:
Qualcomm Eudora is the best email program available. In addition to allowing you to check and send from multiple email accounts, Qualcomm has added spell checking to the freeware version (Eudora Light). Analog is a great log analysis tool (if you have access to your log files). This free program is available for Mac, Windows, DOS, and UNIX.
MacTCP Watcher is great for figuring out why you cannot connect to a website. If will convert IP Addresses to and from Machine Names and ping a machine to test the connection. My personal choice for a Usenet newsreader.
Ph is a nice little utility for searching Ph (Phonebook) or Name Servers. This only works if the organization supports Ph. Network Time is a control panel that will set the clock on your Mac to within 2 seconds of the Atomic clock. A great utility if you need to be sure that the time on your computer is accurate.
Finger is a nice little utility for querying or fingering an email address. This only works if the organization supports Finger AND the user has provided information.

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