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Web Site Improvement Excercise - Improvement and Evalation

Now that you have your website up, step back and take a look at it. Does the site work for as many users as possible? Is the navigation clear and understandable? Do users have to wait and wait and wait for your graphics to load?

Find the Holes in Your Site

Let Pine Tree Consulting run a Site Improvement Exercise - Improvement and Evaluation on your site. Here are some of the problems that can be identified by putting a site through a S.I.E.V.E.

Site Usability
Is your navigation and site structure clear? Will users be able to findthe information they want?

Site Design

Does the site have a consistant "Look & Feel" to it? are there little details that stand out from the rest of the site? Does your choice of colors help or hinder the user?

Technical Considerations

Do your pages pass HTML Validation? Are you using <META> tags to assist search engines? Are there broken links within your site?

Content Considerations

Are your pages too long? Should they be broken up into shorter pages? Is yout site text heavy? Can the content be more concise? Does the content have and unintended meaning? Are you using stilted phrases like "Click Here" for links?

General Concerns

Can the site be found in major search engines and directories? Are the subject specific engines and directories that you should register with? Are there existing websites that could form good partnerships with you?

Each S.I.E.V.E. is personalize for your requirements and your site. Pick the areas you want examined. Have one part of your site examined for one site of criteria and another part of the site examined for a second set of criteria.

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